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March 19, 2006


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Boy that hit that nail square on the head several times! Three cheers for online shopping!

I LOVE shopping online. Because I live out in the country, the shipping costs are often less than the gasoline it would take to drive to a shopping area, where I might not find what I want, and I’d have to drive to another shopping area!

The time, effort, expense and use of resources all weigh in to my preference to shop online. I have never (knock on wood LOL) had a bad experience shopping online. No credit card fraud or identity theft, never got the wrong item, never dissatisfied that the product didn't measure up to the online description.

And yes, I like to "stroll", maybe putting four or five items in my virtual shopping cart, then deciding to purchase two of them. It sure beats getting snookered by those "impulse buys" of merchandise that is prominently displayed on end-racks or near the checkout counter!

Plus I don’t ever pick up a candy bar full of empty calories that I don’t need - LOL

Thanks for the great article!

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