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July 28, 2006


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Denise aka The Blog Squad

Yvonne, I echo the above, that it was great meeting you in person and I really enjoyed your unpanel on the case studies. Really wonderful opportunity to hear of other business case studies, what works, etc. You're a fabulous lady and I'm so pleased to know you, both on and offline!


It sounds like a blast! So happy you went and are sharing news with us! Hope you have a safe trip home.


Hi Yvonne! It was great seeing you again this year and I really appreciated being included in your "unpanel" on Saturday. I'm already looking forward to next year's BlogHer in Chicago. Hope to see you then - if not sooner!


Hi sweetie,

Yeah, I know Jor's thin...I tell her that all the time. But honestly Yvonne, she eats pretty well....Jesse makes sure of that...he's a health nut. She just wears it off running around...it's her lifestyle. She called me at 12:30 a.m. (my time) on her way home from the conference still floating on an adrenaline high. What an AMAZING weekend it was. She gave me all the details....every crazy, wonderful, exciting one. I felt like I was there. She told me the same thing you wrote in your post about holding her wine so she could eat....you're such a good mom! This conference was everything....and more than they even anticipated it to be. I spent the whole day Saturday just checking everywhere I could to see articles, photos, blogs..everything. I'm so glad you were there, and so glad you experienced it. Take care sweetness.... -Joy

nancy white

It was great to meet you F2F as well -- such a wonderful circle of smart, funny and generous women!

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