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July 10, 2006


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no name

There are many things not discussed here. Like the fact that 7 in 10 boys in grade school are diagnosed with having A.D.D. What used to be simply boy energy is now called a disorder.

When a boy raises his hand in a class room. Most teachers(which are women) simply tell them to figure the problem out. Where the girl student will get a talk through about this problem.

We made great leaps to add language into each subject for girls to help them relate. Now boys, who are a year and a half behind girls in (language development) Have to deal with text books they can't relate too.

Even if a boy wants to take a college sport. Most sports now require writing. Further helping boys not relate. Some of the sports programs are being removed. For example, the state of Washington has removed wrestling all together.

As a returning college student, I have had to deal with education systems bent to make boys fail since the 90's. By the time you are in college, the head strong feminist teachers are out to get you each term. College's wont be equal until we have a "Men's Studies" or a "Mens Resource Center"

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