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It's all about Innovation

Today starts our trip to NY for the Fortune Innovation Forum. I won't be posting much today. Travelling wears me out - and I'm starting out at a handicapp, having spent many days putting in overtime to prepare for this,... Read more →

Blingle Bells

It's official. We're hot into the Christmas shopping season. (christmas shopping is a season? who said that?) Let's look at some options for those of us who are deep into the online experience - notice I said "experience" - that's... Read more →

Calling All Moms: We Want To Know...

This just in...well, when you read it, it won't be breaking news, but it was when I got it in an email. MOMS: GM wants to know - What are YOUR priorities when shopping for a vehicle? What would be... Read more →

Innovation: The Time is Now

As Tom and I prepare to go to NY, for the Innovation Forum conference, I'm struck by how things change, and yet, remain the same. It almost seems as if the world has finally woken up to the power of... Read more →

On the Road Again...

We're on the road again. In a few moments. Traveling to Binghamton (well, really Endicott and Johnson City) to visit the family for Thanksgiving. This year we're not renting out the church hall, as we have done in year's past.... Read more →

The Human Project: Who's in Charge?

I could probably update this blog every hour - if I only had the time. There is so much out there, on the net, in the news, as part of a forum or discussion, all pertaining to women and marketing,... Read more →

Smart Woman Online: Chloe DiVita

Dear readers, I have a great privilege to offer today. An interview with my oldest child (oops...she probably doesn't want me to say that - but, she is the eldest)...Chloe DiVita [btw, that's pronounced 'Cloe,' like 'aloe' - NOT C-loE... Read more →