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The Seth Godin event last Wednesday was outstanding. But, of course. Here's the skinny - Seth is smaller than I imagined. Do you do that, too? Imagine your favorite writers and professionals as bigger than life? Well, not only is Seth of average size = maybe an inch or so taller than I - he's friendly and approachable.

Though I sat at his table at lunch, Seth did not eat - he was busy preparing for his presentation, of course. And, he did not engage in conversation - again, concentrating on his presentation. That was fine. After all, at least 400 people were in attendance to hear him speak. Not_gossiping

Here's what he said, in a nutshell (or, at least, here's what I heard): [image borrowed from Cool Cards -  UK company with Cook Cards!]

  • Ideas that spread win.
  • The industrial complex has been 'broken' by the Internet.
  • Don't Tell people why you're better; TEACH them why you're better.
  • Use emotional marketing: do they love it?
  • Work the grapevine - have spirit and passion - use a megaphone, not a funnel.

It all boils down to Word of Mouth. Wouldn't Andy Sernovitz of WOMMA be excited about that? Speaking of Andy, I got an email from him the other day, announcing a draft of the WOMMA Ethical Blogger Contact Guidelines: 10 Principles for Ethical Contact by Marketers.

This is a "discussion draft for public comment" so the homepage notes.

I haven't had a chance to review it yet, but I will be doing so in the near future. I hope you will read it and write about it. And, contact Andy with comments.

That's what Seth was talking about. Isn't it?


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I like what you say Seth said about the internet breaking the industrial complex. It is also breaking religious tyranny, conversion by sword, mindless consumerism, command and control mentality, and oppressive dictatorships.

We Americanos tend to see technology as making our lives simpler, our communications faster, our photo sharing easier, our shopping more varied.

But we must always be aware that the Universal Content Utopia and Global Democracy Revolution are spurred and supported largely by digital word of mouth, mainly blogs and dynamic webs, trust linking, etc.

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