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December 13, 2006


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Michael Wagner

You are asking great questions and have my mind racing.

In part I hear you say we need a shift in vocabulary because words like "innovation" can be given tacit acceptance without any real change taking place.

There is a kind of "head nod" that I get from clients around creativity and innovation but nothing happens.

Earlier this year I studied for three days with a pair of toy inventors just to gain greater skill in leading "Bold Manuevers".

Sometime you have to "march off the map"!

Thanks for enlarging this conversation.


Thanks, Yvonne, for your fantastic coverage of the Fortune Innovation Forum. If you come across examples of companies or organizations that are experimenting with a new vocabulary of innovation, feel free to drop me a line at the Business Innovation Insider, and I'll highlight them on the blog!

Looking forward to the next Innovation Wednesday... Err, make that the next Color of Magic Wednesday!

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