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December 16, 2006


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Even I learned something about my mother here. But mostly, I just want to emphasize #2. I can vouch for this in many ways, but the best one is growing up hearing, "God made windows for a reason" which was always said when someone was encouraging my mother to venture outside. Being an outside person who loves camping, hiking, snowboarding, and all things wild, I don't understand this mentality at all. But, bless her, my mom wouldn't be the same if she were any other way!

Michael Wagner

Thanks for sharing "the rest of the story" with us --- or at least the parts that you can!

Your swallowing tubes for extra money reminded me of classmates that did the same during grad school...and came to class with the tubes still "down them". It was a little distracting but we all understood at the time you did what you had to in order to pay for school.

Always a good and meaningful read - keep creating, Mike

Phil Gerbyshak

You speak cat? That explains a lot, now doesn't it? :-)

Have a MEOWingly awesome holiday season!

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