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December 06, 2006


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Patsi M. Krakoff

Yvonne, two books you will love on innovation (as will your readers): Mavericks at Work, by William C. Taylor and Polly LaBarre (Fast Company cofounder and editor), and Weird Ideas That Work, Robert I. Sutton. Consider this: Open Source Innovation, where companies throw open problems to the public, to freelancers, to customers, to other scientists. It's being done by companies as traditional as Proctor and Gamble and the World Bank... of course, leadership has to be willing to be open and transparent and to admit they don't have all the answers... a bit like authors and blogs, non?


Check out this week's Business Week's lead story on Best Buy. "No Schedules. No Meetings. (No Joke.) When you have a company that crosses 24 timezones, it was time to let individual timezones disappear as well.

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