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My Thoughts on Innovation and Struggle

Yes, I will be talking Innovation!

It's over! But - not forgotten! The Fortune Innovation Forum was -- stimulating and inspiring. To the hilt! (hey, the best parts were meeting all the people - like Dominic, the so talented young man who manages the Fortune Innovation Forum blog. )The_thinker

I'm sorry I haven't posted yet. Life has a way of interfering. We are putting out fires on the homefront, and trying to keep ahead of things. But, in the forefront of thought, is the Fortune Innovation Forum. Why? Because it was so superior to anything else I've done this year. Well, for the most part. I still remember WOMMA as being exciting and worthwhile, also. I guess it's a toss-up between the two.

Stay tuned for a weekend of Innovation, with insights and thought-provoking questions. [that's the  key, isn't it? to keep asking questions?]

Going forward, I will be devoting Wednesdays to Innovation. Yours, ours, Fortune's, and good things found in the news.

For now...I am preparing a full post (or two, or three!) on the Innovation Forum. Come back and check it out. I guarantee - you'll be glad you did!


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