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Mommy Bloggers: A Term of Endearment

I really get steamed when mainstream media (or anyone else, for that matter) relegates journal bloggers to the category of "chatty" or "spewing your guts"... A lot of those so-called journal bloggers are Mommy Bloggers. They're the most important people... Read more →

What Do Women Want?

We want it all, of course. Just look at this: A Community for the Boomer Ladies - ", launched last month, offers news, blogs and tips on health, fashion, family, finances and fitness - all geared toward "women of a... Read more →

Grander and Finer Points of View

This quote from Katharine Hepburn (my second favorite actress, right behind Audrey Hepburn), is quoted here, saying, "I find a woman's point of view much grander and finer than a man's." With that in mind, I will now participate in... Read more →

California Avocados

Decided it was time for a female-friendly post. That is, something about how to be female-friendly. As my good friend Anita would say, "Don't tell them about female-friendly, Yvonne. Show them!" So, here's female-friendly for you. The California Avocados Commission.... Read more →

Smart Man Online: Dr. Randy Gilchrist

This interview was very long in coming. I met Dr. Randy last year, when he wrote for advice on marketing to women online. We chatted, he hired me, and I thought what he was doing was fascinating, so... I asked... Read more →

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

I refuse to talk about Anna Nicole Smith. Or Britney Spears. Or even mardi gras. I'm sure all three topics are getting plenty of coverage - I can't turn the TV on without seeing a story about one or all... Read more →

Saturday's Links to Consider

Sometimes the best marketing to women online is in the sharing. I'm fortunate to have an overflowing email box full of good things to share, about women, for women, to women, from women. I hope you can use the content... Read more →

Don't Do This - Or Else!

I feel compelled to report on a few things happening around the net, relevant to women and marketing to women. First, over at Marketing Maven with Wendy Kinetic, there's an interesting discussion going on about the concept of "Ladies Night."... Read more →