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February 15, 2007


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Long time business blogger Yvonne DeVita at Lip-Sticking, a blog geared around social media, marketing, and women, asked me a few questions about my outlook for 2007 over at her blog. Our exchange reminds me of that ubuntu is my [Read More]


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Liara Covert

I really enjoyed the story about Evelyn Rodriguez. How she spent her last year reminds me that each of us is on a kind of journey into isolation. Some of us use the internet to mediate conversations with people we've never met. Some of us leave all we know behind and venture out into the world to discover how we can make a difference. Rodriguez points out that no one way of contributing is better than others. Each of us must simply find our own way to the kinds of real-life connections which are most meaningful to us. For me, this includes human beings, places and feelings that connect me to God or mysteries which I may never understand. I think getting to the core of who we are requires we step as far outside our individual comfort zones as we're willing to go. This stretches us and enables growth that is better for us than we realize.

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