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It's the smart women who research online where the best deals lie regarding products and services.Barbara_ling_2

Quite often, some of that research will lead consumers to blog posts denoting the good, the bad, and the utterly scary as well.

If you're running a blog, are you taking advantage of this profitable fact? If not, why not?

Imagine, if you will, the following - a women proactively searches for treadmill reviews, and comes across Treadmill Reviews. It's a pretty fair bet to assume she is a potential customer and looking for the best deal, right?

If so, if you had written that blog, why not help her along by providing links to treadmills on sale?

You can see this in action at my blog, Rich Hermit, where I wrote a post called, "Thinking About Treadmills? Look at ebay."

You probably were aware that eBay offers just about anything under the sun...but did you know Amazon's affiliate program gives you a targeted way to make money in areas other than books? Electronics, Health, Software, Sporting Goods, Apparel, you name it.... you can probably use Amazon links to display it.

Signing up for the Amazon or eBay affiliate program is easy. You can visit this link, or this one, and then read thru their tutorials. Once you understand how links are created, you can begin embedding them when necessary in your blog posts.

Which reminds me! Do you use wordpress?

If so, you need a wrapper to use javascript links (which is what eBay offers) - you can grab a free plugin here to do so (officially, it allows you to add Adsense to your blog...unofficially, it handles any javascript).

The above is just one way to monetize your actions online....but it all depends upon your proactive work as well. Think upon it...and if it makes sense, take the plunge. Who knows what might be derived?


About the Author: Barbara Ling is an Internet veteran of almost 20 years and has been teaching people for over a decade how to make money online. She wrote the definitive resource on using eBay and Amazon affiliate links at at this link, and also educates employers and recruiters on how to target their perfect candidates online at this one.


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