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Thursday's Fit by Five on Friday

Since I did the Innovation Wednesday post on Thursday, I'm doing my Fit by Five on Friday. I actually like the "Fit by Five on Friday" term better. Kinda flows nicely along the tongue. Hmmm...Red_high_heel_4

Google alerts brought me some interesting links today. I'd like to share the marketing to women one's with you. All to the good. Best part - except for Kirsten Osolind, I don't know the rest of these outstanding ladies. Hope they take a second to stop by and say hello. And, I hope you'll get to know them better. I really like what I see at their blogs.

Number one isn't a blog at all. But, I think it's worth noting here. Guardian Insurance's annual initiative, Girls Going Places, has closed the 2007 submissions. Wish I'd known about this before now, but... I'm certainly interested in past events, also. As should you be. Marketing to women includes girls. Guardian awards prizes totaling $30k, for budding entrepreneurs "making a difference in their school and communitites." Click here for the 2006 winners.

Number two (these are listed in no particular order) is from a blog about carpet fiber. C.B. Whittemore says, "I track consumer trends and am fascinated with digital and brick/mortar retailers who are passionate about meeting the needs of their consumers." Hence, her excellent post on Marketing to Women, taken from an interview done for Floor Covering Weekly, can be found here. This paragraph was especially inspiring:

"They are the chief decision makers on a whole bunch of fronts. Relating to the home: 40 percent of home improvement projects and products; 61 percent of major home fix-up projects; 83 percent of consumer purchases – and I’ve seen that go as high as 85; 91 percent of home sales. There are more single women purchasing homes; and about 94 percent make the decisions on home furnishings. Retailers who don’t make an effort to address that core consumer are going to lose business."

(love her blogroll...thanks, C.B. for listing Lip-sticking!)

Number three is an update on what's happening over at re:invention - the home of the smart, talented, savvy Kirsten Osolind. Several things to note - 1) Her recent post on WBENC's Annual World-Class Supplier Diversity Program List. Businesses that support diversity and women, both. Big names. Folks you might like to connect with - if you're a woman-owned business? Just maybe.

2) This Nifty Little Sweepstakes sponsored by Microsoft Office Live. Grand Prize: 10 hours of private jet travel. Whoohoo! That's marketing to women online, for sure!

3) Kirsten's 10 Tips for 10 Million Women (tm) - Chock full of advice from women in the trenches. You don't want to miss it. (I'm there...way back in the beginning...I think I was one of the first who participated - and felt honored to do so.) No doubt you'll find yourself spending a lot of time at Kirsten's blog. She is one of the BEST places on the web for information on women in business.

Number four goes to Search Marketing Gurus and their Women of Internet Marketing Wednesday. Anyone doing business on the web today (that's you, right? cause if you're not on the web doing business today - you're not doing business)... needs to visit this blog on a regular basis. Not just for their excellent Women of Internet Marketing posts. There is a wealth of search engine marketing advice sure to help you increase traffic to your site (blog or web). The writers of this blog do it all - they give out advice on search engine marketing and SEO and they talk Women of the Internet.

Number five goes to Blogher Business '07, which is happening in NYC this month. Several hundred  business bloggers - most of them women - will be congregating to talk blogs and social media andBlogher_logo how to make it work better. For you, for them, for me, for everyone. I'll be at a table focused on Marketing to Women Online - so, stop over and have a chat. I guarantee you'll be glad you did!


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Yvonne DiVita

Christine, great to know you'll be at Blogher. See you there! Keep writing that great marketing to women content.

Laurence, you are one savvy guy! How right your comment is - totally on focus. You've got me wanting a heated towel rack now! But, your point is well taken. Much thanks for contributing.

C.B. Whittemore

Yvonne, thanks for much for including Flooring The Consumer and my most on Marketing to Women in your 'Fit By Five on Friday' and I look forward to meeting you at BlogHer Business '07!

laurence haughton

Everyone has heard the conventional home improvement wisdom, "The customer doesn't want a quarter inch drill... he wants a quarter inch hole."

But reading your post and the great interview link from Christine Whittemore has me rethinking this old saw. I think you have to look past the hole to what the hole accomplishes.

Maybe "he or she" wants to drill a quarter inch hole to secure the old towel rack that's been bugging them or their spouse. But what would make everyone really happy is a new heated towel rack that makes that step from hot shower to cold bathroom less of a shock.

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