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June 13, 2007


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Lena West


Thanks for the kind words! And, thanks for reading and commenting, as well.

One of the things that you'l hear me say over and over again in my materials and when I'm speaking to groups is I am SO not about "keeping up with the Joneses". Not only is that approach (if you want to call it that) an exercise in futility it shows absolutely zero ingenuity and brain power.

So, good for your hubbie for having the guts to take the road less traveled and kudos to you for picking a smart guy! :)

Keep on doing the never,


Teresa Morrow

I enjoyed this post because it does go talke about not "keeping up with the Jones" mentality. I think that alot of us grew up with that (I know I did). It is refreshing to see others whom are willing (and wanting) to go against the norm and step up to the plate to be original. Do the Never, is a great concept and it will be interesting to see what others will think of and take action upon in their businesses. One of the sayings my husband said to me was, "If everyone is going left, I am going to go right". It does beg the question...why not go right...there may be something better down that road, then by going left. You never know...right? So, don't be afraid to go right when everyone else is going left.

Josef Katz

Thanks for noticing Trump University. We try to avoid the 'me to' business ideas.

Lena L. West


I agree...that's partly why we haven't figured out out whole "do the never" story.

My point in mentioning it was to get the mental wheels turning.

* How can we be different?
* How can we change the rules of the game?
* How can we change how the game is played?
* Are we just going through the motions?
* How can we innovate - even slightly?

Thanks for reading,



I like the idea, but with such diverse marketing schemes sometimes it is hard to figure out what the never is

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