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September 18, 2007


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Yvonne DiVita

Mary, your ideas are right on. And, I like that you've reminded people of the importance of having a focus on 'green' in order to be successful in our businesses.

Mary, you will be hearing more from me, and many others, if I have anything to say about it.

Here's my tip of the day: Gather that shower water in a bucket - you know, while you're waiting for it to heat up - and use it to water your plants.

Mary Schmidt

Thanks for the tip re Big Green Purse.

Some of the little things I do:
1. No air conditioning - unless I'm really, really miserable. Luckily here in NM high desert, it cools off at night and is almost always cool in the shade. I've actually gotten to where I really don't like air conditioning.

2. Keep those canvas bags handy when I go shopping. And, if I forget and only have a couple of items I - gasp- just carry them out in my own widdle hands.

3. Spending a little more on coffee - shade grown French Roast at T-J's is some of the best tasting anyway.

4. No chemicals in my yard. I pull the weeds, feed the birds, encourage the "good" bugs. Everything looks lush and happy (and almost no weeds!) I also xeriscaped my front yard this year (The city of Albuquerque gives great incentives to do so.)

Appreciate any other tips from anybody. If we all do just a little, it'll add up to a lot!

(and as for why we're discussing this on a business blog - doesn't do us much good to have businesses if we can't breath the air or up to our eyeballs in melted polar cap water.)

Mary Hunt

That THAT's using blog power. Thanks for the inspiration and for setting the example of how blogs can change the world when focused on a task.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from Diane and YOU!

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