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The News No One Wants To Hear

Got an old CIO Insight report recently that say, "the number of women working in information technology has declined, both in absolute numbers and as a percentage of IT professionals." Their article "Women in I.T. : Where the Girls Aren't"... Read more →

Meet the Real Queens of Marketing To Women Online

If you want to know how to get to women online, you need look no further than Ask Patty! and Road and Travel. These are two sites founded by women out to make a difference. In a recent NY Times... Read more →

This is how marketing to women online works

Women are creatures of habit. Although we all like surprises, from time to time, we also like to maintain a routine. Certainly Moms are wedded to a routine, in order to keep kids on a schedule and keep life sane.... Read more →

Marketing to Women Online:
How Not To Do It Part II

Okay, here's the second half of my Marketing to Women Online don'ts... the Do's will come at a later date. I notice that no one caught my on my math... In yesterday's post I said I was revealing the first... Read more →

Marketing to Women Online:
How Not To Do It

I've been working on a new book. Well, I've been thinking about working on a new book is more like it. I created an outline over a year ago, I started the introduction several months ago, and I continue to... Read more →