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Questions (and one important phrase) To Ask Your Women Customers

No New Year's resolutions here. I find resolutions much like the fortunes one gets in fortune cookies - fun in their intent, but not worth the paper they're printed on. So, instead of New Year's resolutions, I thought I'd offer... Read more →

Marketing to Women in a Man's World

Over at The Moderate Voice I discovered this great interview with Paco Underhill, best-selling author of Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, as well as other related books. He's also the CEO of Envirosell - a company that looks... Read more →

We Are The Net: Women Online

Women outnumber men online. So reports tell us. This is not news. What women do online isn't really news, either. We research family health. We compare products and visit comparison shopping sites. We shop. We connect via our blogs. We... Read more →

Daily Green

Looks like we're ending the year right. I'm discovering more and more websites and blogs about "going green." There is even "green" buzz everywhere I go. It's encouraging, don't you think? Here are the newest places (and one sustainable one)... Read more →