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The Small Business Bible

Back in August (seems like forever ago), I attended a small blogging roundtable in NYC with a "select" group of business bloggers, at the invitation of USA Today. At that event, I was privileged to meet Steven D. Strauss, the... Read more →

I'm Crushin' On Rachel Maddow

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter ...And not just because she's a liberal progressive (I'm actually conservative on some issues). So, how do I love Rachel? Let me count the ways (with some marketing points along the way): 1.... Read more →

Networking in the Social Media Age

Straight from the incomparable Debbie Weil of BlogWrite for CEOs, we have this video of the good Seth Godin (in new, exciting, green if his bald head isn't enough to grab our attention), discussing "The Right Way to Use... Read more →

Everything Old is New Again

At the core of everything I do, from brushing my teeth (while I gaze at my early morning face and wonder when THAT age spot appeared?) to driving a car (no, I do not care to inch my way into... Read more →

Suggestion: Limit Comments From The Audience

By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter Yesterday I gave a seminar on Social Media. The fundamental advantage of social media is the "social" element. It's all about people speaking up and sharing ideas. The downside is people speaking up... Read more →

Sharing the Link Love in September

This is one of those days where you start to pull your hair out by the roots, around 9:30!!! On the one hand, it's a beautiful day outside - so sunny and bright and not too hot, that it helps... Read more →

Politics, Sexism, and Marketing to Millennial Women

There was a great article that Advertising Age ran Monday in their online edition by guest columnist Bonnie Fuller that I'd like to comment on. It's titled "Election Shows This Generation of Women that Sexism is Still Alive...Tough Lessons for... Read more →