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November 19, 2008


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Lena L. West


I think it's a valiant effort, but I, too, was disinterested upon first seeing the site.

The blonde woman was a total turn off. In this day and age of rotating images in and out, visual diversity is easy peasy. The fact that they didn't do this automatically says to me they could give a crap whether women of color join. And, having a picture of what appears to be an Asian-looking woman in the right-hand "sidebar" while the white, blonde woman is front and center doesn't help.

Secondly, I have absolutely NO desire to mix my personal and professional lives - either online or off.

And, to put my third point even more plainly, "I just ain't joinin' nothin' else."


Diane K. Danielson

Yvonne & Veronika -

You've hit on the big dilemma facing the women's networking market. We continue to fracture it by duplicating efforts. This is not to say that I don't believe there's room for networking sites/organizations to fit particular niches. Niche sites are great - and whether we think we need them or not, they will fill someone's need that isn't being met elsewhere. Some great examples include: www.workitmom.com focusing on working moms. Ladieswholaunch has entrepreneurs. Womenforhire focuses on the job hunt. Blogher is all about blogging. wowowow is for Boomers. Our niche at the Downtown Women's Club is blending in-person with online networking. On a side note - I'm also pleased to say that we have worked/partnered with almost all of these groups over the years and hope to find more ways to partner in the future.

So, I suppose that's my question about the new site -- exactly how do they "tweak" it to fit a niche market? Or, as Yvonne pointed out, how do you attract people who are already getting this information elsewhere. It may be tough to change peoples habits - but I'll be interested to see if they can do it, because it's a really great looking site.


Veronika Freeman

There are a zillion sites out there for networking... I just succeeded in getting most of the women in the MV Business Women's Network (www.mvbwn.org) to post on LinkedIn - and many WomenTIES members are linking on there too. How many places can we be?
I don't have kids so "family" part of site really wouldn't apply to me, and most of my friends are from the two fabulous groups previously mentioned!
I agree with you that if you could import groups this would be much more useful; and there sure are a lot of skinny models in the graphics!
This is timely as I am struggling to keep my blog updated as well as being active on Twitter, LinkedIn and Tribes.com, AND trying to read marketing books and study "The Success Principles" - I think the key is picking a couple things and doing them well!
Also, there are times one need not be the first onboard yet another new networking site - maybe we should see it this one floats.
Those are my suggestions,

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