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December 14, 2008


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Troy from Vernon Web Design


"4. I would never tell my Mother that I always wanted to be an only child."

ROFL :-)


Phil Gerbyshak

Very interesting twist on an old meme. Thanks for taking me. I've been thinking about this since you posted it, and I'm trying to find a cool twist too.

Thanks for sharing the fun!

Mary Schmidt

I'm not ignoring the tag - just having to think. Maybe it really should be 7 Things Your Mom Should Know. I'm not sure there are a whole 7 things people don't know (and would want to) - after several years of blogging.


Thanks for playing along. Great twist on the meme .. and that's so social media .. adding to and building on! Looking forward to reading the cool people who you tagged.

Lee Drake


Lee Drake

Tell her now. Don't wait. You might be sorry you did.

Elana Centor

Memed it. Tagged Others. Eager to follow the links. Thanks for inviting me to play.

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