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Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I sincerely hope every reader has a delightful evening planned, whether that be a night on the town, or a night spent at home with treasured friends and relatives. As this year draws to a... Read more →

This morning I was speaking with someone who, after many, many years of being good friends, has become a client. At the top of the call, I explained that I was spending the holiday at my family's compound and that he might overhear my parents bickering about coffee, the workmen setting up the tent for our annual Noche Buena celebration, the family dog and/or any combination there of. As predicted, when I went to the kitchen to grab breakfast, I remarked that there was no Apple Cinnamon oatmeal. As my mother walked past, I asked her about this egregious oatmeal oversight (!) - especially since my arrival was announced last month (yes, I'm a bit of a brat, did you expect anything else?). To which my mother replied... Read more →

There is nothing better on the net than being recognized by your peers for what you do. It's the equivalent of winning an Oscar, IMHO. Today, I learned that my BBFF Jody Devere, of the outstandingly popular Ask Patty! website... Read more →