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LinkedIn isn't new. Yet, too many of us don't know how to use it as effectively as we should. Steve Tylock, a local friend, has a book all about using LinkedIn: The LinkedIn Personal Trainer - and I was lucky... Read more →

Thanks go to Andrea Learned for the quote in the title of this post. I was at her blog recently, Learned On... and not only did that quote stick with me, but her commentary on Slate's XX Factor spin-off Double... Read more →

My friend Ben Rudnick, is THE expert on search engine optimization (SEO). Seriously, this guy knows more about SEO than anyone I know. I met Ben at a conference and, in the back of the room, in hushed tones, Ben taught me more about SEO than 10-plus years of working with and for internet-related companies. The dude’s brain is that serious–and not just because he’s my friend (I have a lot of dear friends that don’t know crap about technology). Read more →