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Eyes on the world I was reminded the other day that I have not been posting "green" topics on Lip-sticking. It was my goal to write something once a week, and for awhile I did. Somehow, time and place got away from me and I slowly veered away from my green initiative.

Let's bring it back, shall we? Green - the popular term for being environmentally safe and sound - is a high priority for women. Real women. Remember, this is 2009 and Lip-sticking's goal going forward is to market to real women online. Not demographics, not groups, not segments - real women: like you.

Earth Day is fast approaching, along with the advent of Spring, a season that can come none too soon for those of us in the East. We made our way through a tough winter this year, but I see green grass out my office window, and there are robins foraging for worms, with squirrels running to and fro. The world, at least outside my window, is at peace, and green abounds.

How well do you sell green? How well do you understand the importance of green? As a retailer - what about your products, services, office space, locale, is green? According to Neil Sterm, senior partner with retail consulting firm McMillan/Doolittle in Chicago, and author of Greentailing and Other Revolutions in Retail, "The challenge is promoting the efficacy and innovation of the product, as well as the sustainable elements." Taken from "How to Get Green Good Flying Off the Shelves" at

Women are keeping a keen eye out for green products, environmentally safe products, and companies that actively participate in that focus. When I recently redesigned my office, we were quite conscious of being green - to date, we've replaced almost all of our old lightbulbs with compact flourescent bulbs and we do not use rugs because we have hardwood floors. Plus, our curtains are made from recycled material.

When shopping, whether it's in the grocery store or Target, or Home Depot, if women are buying, Earth-Day-tv2 they're reading labels and making their purchase decisions based on the "greenness" of the product. Not the price. Price is still a consideration but we're calculating the carbon footprint, and how long this product or its packaging is going to be in a landfill...and price goes by the wayside when we consider those issues.

Are you tapping into our desire to save Mother Earth? Pull yourself together and get on board with Clear Standards - Carbon Management and Sustainability Solutions. You'll get immediate, positive results from your women customers.


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