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I read an interesting post last week written by Mark Hurst of Good Experience. In the post, he pins the tail on the donkey by pointing out that even though companies might be using the latest Web 2.0 hotness tools, they are delivering the same old party lines. He then goes on to speak about the dwindling customer experience in the airline and healthcare industries. Read more →

The world does not revolve around you. Let me repeat that: the world does not revolve around you. Nor around me. (maybe around our pets...but not us) Over at Real Simple, this article on Facebook: Can Facebook Be Your Friend?... Read more →

Not many people have an opportunity to visit my home. For anyone who does visit, from my good girlfriends to my parents, we have an understanding that includes three "ground rules": 1. Leave any and all negative energy in your car. Don't bring the cloud above your head into my space. (This, of course, does not go for my friends and family who visit because they are going through a tough time - I just mean keep your funkiness to yourself in general.) Read more →

Ok, so the title of this post comes from a quote by David Ogilvy, as mentioned in this NY Times article, "Marketing to Women, With Firsthand Experience." The article is about the Omnicom Group in NY and their new consultancy... Read more →