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August 03, 2009


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Lena L. West


Yes, they ARE smart! Companies tend to only pay attention to THEIR companies and how THEIR brands are doing and often times they leave opportunities on the table by not paying attention to their "competition" and their industry as a whole.

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Coree Silvera

Smart thinking on 1-800-FLOWERS. It's funny how big companies and corporations lose their personal touch in their marketing once they go "big".

As a new business owner when you are just starting out you are looking at every circumstance as an opportunity to market your product or service. When you hear your name mentioned your ears perk up and you are immediately tuned in to see what they are saying. It's great to see that 1-800-FLOWERS has not lost that smart and personal marketing touch as they have grown.

Wendy A.

What a great article, thanks for sharing!

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