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Early this week I posted a video of Michelle Obama speaking about healthcare. This is a touchy subject, I guess...with a lot of misinformation and disagreement. I'm leaning toward the passage of the bill...and I also think a public option... Read more →

Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that I whine and complain about it all the time. It rarely does what I want it to. The apps work periodically, but mostly, not at all. And, clicking links in Facebook often... Read more →

Halloween is quickly approaching which happens to fall on a Saturday this year, so there definitely will be an increase in trick-or-treaters and in parties. So if you haven't gotten your costume, or your kid's costume yet, there's still time.... Read more →

Once upon a time in America women were Moms who stayed home and lived in the kitchen. They bandaged bruised elbows, served cookies and cocoa and made sure the dust bunnies were banished to the wastebasket. That was once upon... Read more →

I was about to go on stage to speak at a conference when a woman ran up to me. She was completely out of breath and she stammered, "I'm on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I've been sending out Tweets for months and no one ever responds! What am I supposed to do about this?? I'm just wasting my time! I've wasted so much time!" Read more →

This week I was on a conference call set up by Maria Shriver - you know, Arnold's wife, and a Kennedy at heart? She invited bloggers and 30 of us called in. Now, I'm name-dropping on purpose because Maria has... Read more →

We discuss women's issues here, in addition to social media advice, and marketing to women online. The issues I tackle are ones I consider too important to ignore, and this is one. I hope all of my readers are acutely... Read more →