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One Lip-sticking writer's recap of 2009

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Some of us are still working this week, or at least checking our email and social networks. It' a good time to catch-up on things and also to reflect on the past year. During this holiday week I spent some time reviewing all the the social media that I contributed to during 2009. For me 2009 was the first full year that I have been a guest blogger here on the Lip-sticking blog and have held to my weekly commitment. I also started a Twitter page which resulted in over 1,600 followers so far and have connected with many old and new friends on Facebook.

So I thought I would provide a summary of what I think are some of my top posts that help to define 2009. Looking back I tried to pick one post a month that is either of a promotion that reflected the pop culture of that time or one that defined a major milestone or shift in social media. So if I may here are my picks:

January - Facebook Helps Connect us to the 2009 Presidential Inauguration

Normally the majority of my posts this time a year are a countdown to the Super Bowl. With being a big NFL fan and a marketer I just love to read and write about what the major brands are doing. So I have quite a few dedicated to the big game, including this post on the infamous Dorito's consumer-generated ad contest. However, instead I'm selecting this post that really started us off to the year.
February - And the Oscar Goes To....This Year's Winning Promotions

This month we were treated to the 81st Annual Academy Awards and, as with the Super Bowl, several marketers created ads and programs affiliated with the event, but in this case directed to a more female audience. I was speculating whether Slum Dog Millionaire would win, and they did, which resulted in us all now being familiar with the term Bollywood.

March - Twitter, Facebook and Skittles...Oh My!

Both Facebook and Twitter were now getting quite a bit of press during the first quarter of 2009 and this brand decided to take the leap to create a totally new online experience that integrated these social media sites. Many, however, questioned their decision.

April - Recession Marketing to Moms - Tips & Insights

Mommy bloggers became the holy grail to some marketers. Some got it right and others didn't. This post included some great tips for marketing to women online in 2009.

May - Digital Moms Survey Reveals How Much We Engage Online and How Marketers Should Take Note

        Digital Moms Survey Part 2 - Connecting through Social Networks

This month I focused on a two-part Digital Moms survey conducted by RazorFish and CafeMom which revealed some great insights into how women have changed their behavior and are now engaging with social media.

June - Some of this Year's Father's Day Promotions 

Kmart got on board with the theatrical release of the next installment of the Transformers series to promote Dad's Day. This movie ended up being the biggest box office draw of the decade even beating out Harry Potter!

July - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Film Embraces Emerging Media Marketing

Speaking of Harry Potter, any of us moms that have teenagers are well aware of what a phenomenon this series of books turned into movies has become. This sixth Harry Potter film integrated many different interactive promotions with social media truly engaging their audience.

August - Sears utilizes Facebook exclusively for BTS Campus Ready campaign

Back-to-school promotions will never be quite the same with the growth we saw this year from Facebook and social networks. Would love to get an update on the results from this campaign. Anyone have any contacts?

September - Hanes T-Shirt Contest Seeks Passionately Pink Designs

In anticipation of October being breast cancer awareness month many brands starting kicking off their "Pink" promotions. These were especially close to my heart this year since my mom has been battling breast cancer and had a very tough year. Our prayers go to the many fighting this disease along with their families.

November - FTC Comments at PMA's Marketing Law Conference: "We have no intention of shutting down the blogosphere"

I was again invited back as a guest blogger at PMA's Annual Marketing Law Conference and this year the timing couldn't have been more perfect. We got to hear directly from directors of the FTC what their newly updated endorsement guidelines really mean. I'll be watching closely in 2010 who will be the first enforcement target. My guess is it will be affiliate marketers that are promoting diet products.

December - American Express promotes their Holiday Gift Cards on Twitter and gives back via United Way

With the economy as it was this year many brands decided to give-back through charitable holiday programs. Amex was one brand that not only partnered with the great organization, but also integrated fun promotions executed on Twitter and also online that promoted their brand and products.

Hope you enjoyed the recap. We've got some exciting plans for 2010 to share with you. Happy New Year and here's to a wonderful and prosperous 2010.


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