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Lady Gaga's 10 Worst Outfits

by guest blogger, Chloe Spencer

We all know Lady Gaga, and we all know her outrageous fashion sense.

Some of her outfits are really creative, some are just plain weird, and some are downright horrible. Maybe she does it for the publicity, (maybe being most definitely), but some of the things she wears have just gone too far and have reached the "god-awful" point. Her ten worst fashion disasters fit into one of the following two categories: either shocking or laughable.

My only comment on this: disgusting.

I can't figure out whether she's Santa or she fell into a bird's nest.

What the...?

No tape does not count as a bra.

Ok, her boobs are on fire. And did her pants catch on fire too? Because I can't see them.

Don't wear fur, wear Kermit the Frog.

One of Santa's reindeer escaped...and it's wearing nothing but plastic.

This is going to give me nightmares for a long time.

A viking stripper?

You know that noodle from your pool that went missing?...


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jesus... or wait what was it about judas? whatever that song and " i was born this way " really suck. shes scary the way she dresses, but whatever might as well since her songs don't get anywhere

Luci Love

great blog...check mine out :)

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