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September 14, 2010


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Lisa Ursano

This is a great re-cap of some of the good that Starbucks is doing! I'm a loyal Gold card holder, and really appreciate the communication, rewards and quality products they offer their customers. Here's hoping more people see beyond the big corporate status and see the great efforts being made at the local and community levels as well.
Great blog!

Debra Mennins

Since Starbucks is a trusted brand, its good to know and experience their eco-initiatives. Even if my coffee stained teeth drive my cosmetic dentist los angeles insane, this is a company that I know I'll be buying from.

dentist Woollahra dental veneers

I love how Starbucks is stepping up the initiative. I may have to visit my dentist more often, but I love that my coffee place is doing its bit for the environment.

Dentist Essendon

I always thought Starbucks was too commercial. but now I see Starbucks in a new way. Glad that they care for the environment.


This is such a great way to build an interactive brand!

Thanks for the blog post Amanda!


Very interesting - you definitely made me see Starbucks in a whole new light! PSA - some online discounts for those who like to load up their Starbucks cards online: http://tinyurl.com/3ys55f5

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