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October 28, 2010


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Mary Schmidt

In working with nonprofits (and volunteering...and donating) I've found that the less people have, the more they tend to give. While the big donors get the big press and big effort - it's the "little people" and the small biz owners who give and give and give - both time and money.

There's also a big difference in major PR blitz giving and simply allowing your name to be listed in annual reports, on event signage and being recognized from the podium.

Amanda Ponzar

Rick, I agree with you that anonymous giving is the higher road as we should give not to get recogition but because it's the right thing to do. However, based on the post above, what is your recommendation on how women can be taken seriously as philanthropists and power players in a world where women still make less than men (now 80 cents on the dollar) and still aren't represented proportionally in congress or as CEOs of business? There's something to be said for promoting your accomplishments and receiving visibility. And it is visible women leaders like Supreme Court Justices who give little girls the vision to dream big as well and think, "I could do that too".

Rick Henkin

I understand what you're saying about it being known that women give as well as men, but I do admire those that do it anonymously. Somehow, their gifts seem slightly more of the heart.

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