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And, that "W" stands for "women." I expect I'm preaching to the choir but how many of you realize the power you have, as women entrepreneurs? You're a leader in your industry, regardless of how far you are in your... Read more →

By Amanda Ponzar Unless you’re traveling by private helicopter with a security team, who needs the stress, crowds, traffic and frantic mall panic of Black Friday shopping? Being a busy working mom, it’s just easier to compare prices and products... Read more →

Arrghh! It's been more than half a dozen years since I wrote Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online, and a number of other professionals have been covering this topic, also. But, every now and then, a blog post or... Read more →

Scott Monty says Ford is better than the Super Bowl...

He gets it. He knows social media. LOVE the Amazing Race campaign he talks about. Dang... I want to be part of that! I think my next car will be a Ford. Listen and learn - this is how you... Read more →