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Frankie-Grandma1 How could I resist? I said, "Yes," to an offer to send me some beverages with Probiotics in them. Hey, I'm all for getting healthy. This is NOT a paid endorsement but I did receive product for free.

Let me go on the record: the drinks were delicious. So much so, my granddaughter even enjoyed hers!

I drink a lot of water. You, too? That's the latest and greatest health food, of the decade. Water, water, water. I don't much like flavored waters, although I've had a few that were "berry" tasting that I enjoyed. Occasionally I'll drink a soda (pop for those of you in the NE)...but I don't like carbonation, so I don't drink soda all that much.

Here's why I accepted the product from PRE Beverage Company: "Promoting a balanced digestive system is essential for all of us," they wrote to me, "and it is certainly crucial for high school athletes trying to juggle school, social and team activities." Hey, I'm as in need of a balanced digestive system as any teen!

The press release also said, "At PRE Beverage Company we are committed to healthy lifestyles for thePRE Hi Res Image  entire family, and we believe that healthy habits and lifestyle choices start at home and at school. We are proud to support local school athletic programs and the foundation that youth sports contribute to healthy and happy young minds and bodies." All tha according to Rick Sweeney, President of the company.

If you're into flavored drinks that promote good intestinal health, try this one out. The "regular" bottle only has 50 calories per 16 oz, sweetened with cane sugar. PRE 10 only has...10 calories, sweetened with Stevia and organic can sugar.

I still have my Synbiotic Drink Mix packs... I hate to use them up! Plus, I'm not sure I can get this at my local supermarket. But, I'll be looking next time I'm there, I can tell you that! Mmmm good!

They're even creating a community - check it out!



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