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January 31, 2011


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Glad we're on the same page!

I love the term, "digital glue". Cool.

Thanks for reading and commenting -- and for the ebook offer.


Amy Garland

Lena, I'd agree with you about the "both/and". Email marketing and social media complement one another.

They can be used to promote one another, continue the conversation (that's currently happening on either or), and they simply offer your audience a variety of options. If they'd rather receive a monthly email summary of your blog posts than subscribe to your real-time feed, they can. If they'd rather keep up with you on Facebook than receive another email in their inbox, they can. But, each should offer unique content as well.

Our CEO talks about email marketing as "the digital glue". It is the common denominator of all the social sites, and is not going anywhere! (Disclaimer: I work for an ESP - Blue Sky Factory) My co-worker just wrote an eBook on social sharing; I'd be happy to send it directly to you (so you can bypass the form - http://www.blueskyfactory.com/socialsharing/) Feel free to email me - agarland at blueskyfactory dot com

Amy Garland
Marketing Manager, Blue Sky Factory



Thanks for the kind words, Chris.

It seems, though, that you're equating social media with adolescent activity only and that's where you and I differ. There are many, many *adult* professionals who use social media and they use it wisely so, while you and I both balk at the "email is dead" sentiment, I equally reject your assertion that social media is solely the realm of "rambunctious adolescents".

When it comes to email marketing and social media, it's not an either/or construct, it's more like both/and.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


Great article. You are spot on with the proximity concept.

What people fail to realize is that social media and email marketing usually do NOT coincide. Yes, social media is booming - primarily for the younger crowd it seems. However, email marketing is for companies, not rambunctious adolescents; unless, of course, there is a said adolescent who just so happens to run a company. People think email is outdated. It's not; it's just about who uses it. I can't imagine how social media might have worked back in the day. I found this blog about ancient Romans using social networking to be pretty funny. And they say email is old! Ha

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