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February 07, 2011


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No, I didn't send her a copy of this email, but I did reply to her email with similar information that I've presented here. And, her reply was, "Ok, I understand. Good luck with your project."

That said it all to me. I'll help people, but I can't make them drink the water, they have to want to improve, you know?

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I do hope you sent "Heather" a copy of this article and that you and she get a chance to talk about it. You both might find out interesting facts about each other and she just might be willing to admit to having made a very bad business decision and even perhaps a bad personal decision as well.




Yes, it's unfortunate that people don't understand exactly what you just outlined. We'd like to think that everyone has the same approach to doing business, but unfortunately, that's not the case.

Retaining is definitely an option for "Heather".

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Scentsy Wickless Candles

I am a consultant in direct selling business. My clients are what keep me going. #1 about being in the customer service industry is listening to the client before you speak. Find out what their needs are,can you help them and will their life change in a good way after you assist them?
So many companies have forgotten customer service is important. Customer service keeps a business alive and customers coming back. If an customer feels like they can not trust you, they will not be back.
It sounds like "Heather" needs to go through retraining.



Yes, definitely old school.

I hope that "Heather" re-evaluates her approach, too. She definitely lost this customer.


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Yvonne DiVita

That is really old-school thinking, Lena. The kind of process you get from the phone company or cable company - long, long list of buttons to push and questions to answer before they connect you with a real person - who, more often than not - is unqualified to handle your issue. So, it's more button pushing and being put on hold.

Astonishing, in this day and age. I feel bad for "heather"... she needs to re-evaluate her approach. IMBO! (in my BRAZEN opinion!)

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