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Are gadgets and technology enhancing your life? Really?

Guest post by Robbi Hess

Yes, I know I typically write about writing but I woke up this morning (after having laid in bed for close to half an hour on my EVO checking Facebook, answering emails and surfing the net) and it got me to Iphone and jobs wondering, "Is that really a great use of my time?" Did I really need to be "connected" when my feet hadn't even touched the floor? 

Do I have to answer emails the second they hit my inbox? Will I lose a client or miss some HUGE opportunity if I don't answer immediately? Will I get passed over for a promotion or miss out on winning the sweepstakes of a lifetime because I wasn't connected to my social media contacts 24/7? 

Does being connected make me a better writer? Maybe. Does always being attached to the Smartphone make me be more "in the know" than someone who actually walks away from the technology? Perhaps. Do I do or write about anything that so so absolutely time sensitive that if I snooze (literally) I lose? Probably not. Sure, if I was a NY Times reporter then I would have an excuse to always be connected. If I had clients who wanted me to be reporting on their social media pages when breaking news broke, then I'd have an excuse. I am not in that situation though. 

Believe me, I love my technology and I am bereft without my phone. I can't imagine at least being able to check my email and Facebook status whenever I want to but I don't truly need to. 

Are you always on Twitter? Do you Tweet your every move and every thought? I was watching Cougar Town (I couldn't find the remote) the other night and one of the characters tweeted EVERYthing she did. Does anyone really care? Do you check into every location with your Foursquare app? Do your friends know that you will announce your movements on Facebook Places? 

I write about technology and I love gadgets and am always looking for the latest and greatest organizational tool. Everytime I find one, I fight the urge to migrate my information from one platform to the next thinking that this will be the one organizational tool that will whip me into shape! 

Ask yourself. Are your gadgets and your connectedness to social media enhancing, or overwhelming your life? 


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I myself am attached to my gadgets yet I remember not too long ago being free of all the electronic stuff and staying connected. I hate feeling compelled to check email etc.. on my phone all the time. It is nice to unplug and I thing we have to sometimes and really enjoy a little freedom. They do allow us to do are job in numerous locations and doctors have special apps on iphones now. There are pluses and minuses.

Elisa Camahort Page

Well, it's funny you should ask. We asked questions around this very topic as part of our fourth annual study of women and social media. And the overwhelming response was that technology and social media have a positive impact on our lives. For one very dominant reason: It helps us stay more connected with more of the people we care about.

You can check it out here:

Funny you should mention that Cougar Town episode. I don't watch it, but my sister does, and just yesterday she was telling me how hilarious that episode was, and that you could really go follow the Twitter stream, and they kept it going, and it was incredibly entertaining (which, by the way, seems to be the primary purpose Twitter serves for the general population of users.)

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