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May 29, 2011


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any sexuality right now in the modern world are very well accepted. but somehow its more likely a boy to be a boy and a girl should be a girl. maybe because children change path because of the surroundings they are in. but if it is their nature we cant do about it any more. we only have to understand and accept.


When the child begins to interact with others, will they be calling the child "it"? Will other kids say, "It can be on our team"?
I believe in God, and I believe he chooses our sex, and we choose how to deal with it. I think the parents can accomplish whatever their goals are without making the child a media spectacle or a social experiment...


Hi Annie and Yvonne... Some people shouldn't be allowed to have children. It's as bad as the macho men who can't let their boys play with a Barbie... wow, ow, toppled off the soapbox!


You are kidding, right? You may not choose what you were born as. Maybe I am old fashioned too. You are either a girl or boy. Embrace it. Sexuality is different than the sex you were born to. I think they are doing the child a diservice. Can a baby or toddler actually pick what sex they want to be. Besides if you like to play in the mud does that make you a boy or girl? I played in the mud a lot and enjoy being a girl. This is ridiculous. I am with nyou.

Yvonne DiVita

OMG! This really strikes a cord with me, too, Robbi. Kids who are allowed to be kids will be...whatever gender they want, at that moment. Girls may play with trucks, boys may play with dolls. Gender means nothing to a toddler.

Confusion does mean something. By not accepting the child for the gender of its genitalia, the parents may cause a lot of confusion in the child and he or she may not KNOW what to be!

Let the kid be a kid, girl or boy...and if he or she displays a focus on the gender they are not, deal with it then.


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