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May 17, 2011


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Wonderful article. Sending this to all the girls and women I know.

Rick Henkin

You're absolutely right, Chloe. I'm a man, but I remember when I was in college how terrible I thought it was (and still do) that women are subjected to these photos and ideals that they're supposed to match, when in fact, the women in these photos don't even look like that in real life. It's really awful.

The guys that are depicted in the magazines are idealized as well, but it seems as if less pressure is put on we men to look that way. It just came to me that men at least have the capability to compensate for looks with wealth. Totally unfair.

miami seo

I think sometimes people will do anything to keep up with celebs. Sometimes natural looks good. Utilizing some of these tips and just knowing how to highlight your natural beauty will definitley make you feel good when your in public.

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