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June 19, 2011


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To all the dad's out there thank you. My dad is gone and it is the first father's day since he passed. I miss him. My husband is definitely a great dad. Funny, involved and someone I am so proud of. How lucky we are for all the dad's in our lives for making our lives better.

Caren Gittleman



What a great piece of writing, Yvonne! As Toby said, you can be a father and still not be a Daddy.

My children and grandchildren have made me richer than Donald Trump. When I hold Zoe or give our Abbi a piggyback ride, the world seems like a better place.

Someone once said that children are sign that the world should go on.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your talent.

Toby Bloomberg

Beautiful post! There is indeed a difference between a "daddy" and a "father."

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