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September 20, 2011


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Yvonne DiVita

@Caren, @Robyn, @Faith, @Zsa Zsa - thank you all! You do understand! As I reflect a bit more, I'm struck by how some folks are continuing to rant - perhaps it makes them feel better? However, it reminds me of the reasons so many brands are reluctant to work with bloggers - because they accuse without all the facts, they treat apologies as suspect, and they often seem to enjoy the ranting - not for the cause's sake, but for the ranting's sake.

I love your ending, Robyn - we do need to define our terms, our standards and how we create respectful and useful dialogue.

Zsa Zsa

This got me thinking about all my friendships too -- both online and offline. So true what you say about contacting the person personally if you have an issue with him/her. So many people make the mistake of ranting online that they forget what it says about them.

faith | brochure templates for free

Very well said. Perfection is far from anyone of us Yvonne so include me as one of the imperfect being. One thing I've learned from my dad is that, those friends who failed us makes us become stronger and become a better You and Me.

Robyn M Fritz

People need to be able to talk about the tough issues. To be right, and wrong, in the service of community. If everybody agreed all the time, we wouldn't have a rich, diverse culture. I once told a client I had made a mistake on a project, showed what the mistake was, how I could fix it, and what did they (a team) want to do. They were dumbfounded: they had never heard anyone admit to a mistake before. We fixed the project and have a level of trust and respect you only get to when you work together, through good times and bad. Beyond that, the entire issue of breeding and rescue is compounded by misunderstandings and prejudice. We need to define our terms, our standards, and how we create respectful and useful dialogue. Good for you in being honest! Thanks!

Caren Gittleman

YOU, dear woman, are FAR from stupid!


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