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September 29, 2011


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Amanda P

Just discovered an even better way to make hot chocolate so had to add to this blog post I wrote -- yes, always use milk (not water) and stir in Nesquick & Hershey's cocoa or any hot cocoa mix (Godiva, Starbucks, etc.) but then ALSO add coffee creamer -- like International Delights French Vanilla. WOW.

Bea Egeto

Hello Amanda,

Thank you so much for mentioning our product in your blog.
We really appreciate your comment and we're glad you had a great JKC experience.

John Kelly Chocolate Team

Amanda P

Thanks, Deb. I do like Lindt dark and milk chocolate truffles -- very creamy.

Deb McDevitt

Hi there, may i also add a great way to get your chocolate fix is to earn it FREE. Lindt Chocolate has just started a direct sales division with home parties and corp. gifting. So you could have a home tasting or just use us for gifting and earn your favorite chocolate. BTW, Lindt chocolate also owns Ghirdardelli.

We also have catalog/online parties!

Amanda: email me ur address and i would love to send some of our newest Swiss Thins or a few bars for your review, if you wouldn't mind being a tester??? chocolateconnection@comcast.net

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