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November 05, 2011


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los angeles seo services

If all links, or a too large percentage of links to your site and / or page have the same anchor text, you'll look like a spammer. So if you're actively link building, vary your anchor text.


The web link building approach should be constructed from quality links instead of ordinary ones that are found on any other site. When you create valued one way links from high PR websites and relate the crooks to your site with proper schooling would include biology keywords as anchor texts, you ensure substantial improvement within page rankings.


Linking can definitely be confusing if you're new to the SEO world. I'm glad you agree! Do you all have any more pointers worth mentioning for someone new to linking?

Zsa Zsa

Very helpful SEO tips! It's great that you enumerated and benefits and advantages of both internal and external linking. Reminds us to brush up on our linking activities. Thank you!


Link building can be confusing but i can be done. Link to high quality pages and to pages deep within your site.

playmobil castle

I guess link tracking is sometimes confusing specially at the start. Good that you discussed important pointers here!

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