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December 03, 2011


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Amanda P

This is the author Amanda Ponzar again; my visit to a different CVS Minute Clinic April 17, 2012 was not as good.
#1) Got overcharged for the copay somehow --they did charge me the urgent care higher rate with this new insurance. (Trying to correct this.)
#2) Got the wrong amount of pills (pay same copay if I get 4 pills or 20)
#3) Had to wait over an hour to be seen -- ran to post office, got gas, shopped & checked email while I waited. (The other Minute Clinic I'd gone to previously had 2 practioners vs. just one.)
#4) Yesterday when I called, they couldn't address the billing issue because records show up 24 hours later in their system. Today, the first rep was crabby and then hung up on me by mistake when trying to transfer me.

However, the third person I got to was GREAT & she's looking into correcting the overpayment & the prescription issue. One thing I did learn is that Minute Clinic does not prescribe maintenance drugs so if you need to refill a regular prescription, best not to go. Minute Clinic seems made for a cold/flu when your primary care/regular doctor can't fit you in right away (which happens to me sometimes). Drs. office: "How does two weeks from now work for you?" Me: "No thanks. By then I'll be well on my own or dead."

So...it's hit or miss. Maybe the point isn't that Minute Clinic is the death of doctors offices but that as a culture, we are often dealing with the death of good customer service and responsiveness.

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