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The Keys for SurThrival

Women give more. Period.

By Amanda Ponzar

A new study, “Gender and Corporate Responsibility: It’s a Matter of Sustainability”  by Catalyst and Harvard Business School finds companies with more women board members and leaders outperform financially but also give significantly more to philanthropy. For example, “the average donations of companies with three or more women directors were 28 times higher than those of companies with no women directors.” Check out the press release.

I’ve written a few posts about women in business and philanthropy, such as:

What I don’t know is WHY –- why do women give more? When they work for a company, why does the company give more? Why are more women drawn to nonprofits and religion? The nonprofit workforce tends to have more women than men (though top leadership tends to be male). More church goers are women, according to a Gallup poll. 

No answers today; just questions.


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