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And the Winners are.... Super Bowl XLVI Wrap-Up

By Guest Blogger, Donna DeClemente, Donna's Promo Talk

Superbowl-Logo-XLVIWho came out winners from Super Bowl XLVI? Obviously as we all know now, the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots in what was a come-from-behind, great game. The Giants got to parade down Broadway in New York City yesterday to celebrate with their fans. Yes, the fans and New York are all winners here as well. Plus of course we have Eli Manning, the MVP of the game, who now has two Super Bowl rings, one more than his brother Payton as the media was sure to bring up several times.

Doritos-Grandma-Baby-AdIn the 6th annual Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest the two ads that were chosen from the 5 finalists to broadcast during the game were both winners. However, the Sling Baby ad has now been picked as the winner in the USA TODAY/Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter. Online voting, began after each ad aired during Sunday night's broadcast and ended at 6 pm on Tuesday. Viewers picked from 55 commercials on which advertisers spent up to a record $3.5 million for each 30-second slot. Kevin Willson submitted the ad of the grandmother and baby who snatched a bag of Doritos and he will now receive a million dollars and a consulting contract with The Lonely Island. The other Doritos ad that was broadcast during the game, Man's Best Friend, came in #6.

PapaJohnsWinnersAll of us who signed up to be Papa John's Reward members and voted in their Super Bowl Coin Toss Experience came out winners as well. I voted for heads and heads was the choice that the majority voted for and heads ended up as the actual winner of the coin toss. Yesterday I received my prize code online which is good for a free, large, one-topping pizza and a two-liter Pepsi MAX. Papa Johns sent an email to all members which I had to retrieve from my spam folder. The email invited me to a landing page which I had to type in my name and email to receive my personal code. I have up till March 4 to redeem my prize. Papa John's now had to award many free pizzas, which hopefully for them will turn all us winners into regular customers. It will be interesting to find out the final results as to how many free pizzas were actually redeemed.

Twitter also came out a winner in the social media category averaging more than 10,000 tweets per second and not crashing! According to Twitter, the most tweeted moment of the game was when 12,233 people tweeted in a single second at the end when Tom Brady's Hail Mary pass wasn't caught. The second most tweeted moment came during Madonna's halftime show, which averaged more than 8,000 tweets per second and had a high of 10,245 tweets in a single second.

Personally I was watching the game with my laptop both tweeting and posting updates on Facebook. It was fun to see what others were saying and commenting on. I was trying to stay up to following a few hashtags on Twitter about the ads. My update on Facebook that received the most Likes and comments during the game was this: "David Beckham is pretty good to look at too. Don't ya think?". Now you get a sense of what my women friends like (as well as a male gay friend who Liked it as well).

Towards the end of the game I wasn't socializing any more. I just grabbed another drink and started praying the Giants would come out on top. Which they did in all nail-biting action. Thanks NFL. Now it will be quite some time before we see anymore football. Bring on the Summer Olympic Games!

BTW - I also finally came out a winner in our squares. The safety in the first quarter helped me win that square with a final score of 9-0!


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