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March 02, 2012


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Never heard the phrase "Gamma Woman," but I now have it in my mind as a prototype. I can even see a couple of them who played a strong role in my life. Good content.

Gamma women don't happen overnight; it takes some hard knocks, making career opportunities for yourself, lots of tut-tutting from others, and a will to be what you are.

I entered the workforce in 1954 when, if you believed the magazines and newspapers, all women were stay-at-home mothers or spinsters. Options? nursing, teaching, secretary--until you married. Lots of "Gamma Girls" were keeping it to themselves and wondering what to do with those urges to be different than "everyone else."

After thirteen years at home raising children, I entered the work world...through politics...in an exciting position in the Indiana General Assembly and progressed through business ownership. By now it is 1972, and I discovered several things: 1, I was capable and could command attention with my skills, 2, that it was heady business, and 3, life wasn't so wonderful for other women..and joined the Women's Rights movement.

That opened my eyes, and now, having the perspective of many years behind me, women in the workforce have been a tremendous force in the growth we've experienced since the fifties and sixties. America couldn't get to a DOW of 12,000 without mobilizing women-power.

I applaud the generations that follow me--raising families (partners "opting in" or "opting out" of the workforce as it benefits the family unit), contributing to their community.

Actually, today is International Women's Day, and I think it is appropriate to celebrate by saying, "Great Going, Women." way. I'm proud of my contribution to today's world and pleased to have forums like this to share what I have learned.

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