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March 05, 2012


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Unfortunately, it's the weird and outrageous that sells Limbaugh, newspapers, TV shows. I am amazed at what a large following that the "rave and rant" programs have--on both sides.

Where do we find a platform for a moderate stand in politics?
Some female politicians are just walking in the footprints of the males ahead of us. I had hoped that, at we obtained some political clout, we would use our talents to promote good causes and not deal in the destruction by innuendo that dominates politics today.

Mary Schmidt

I'm not a fan of Maher, most of the time. He's way too caustic and sour for me. (And, yes, I think he may have some issues as well.)

Good point re Palin being a public figure.


I agree with you about Palin, but that said, I think Maher is also a woman-hating, repulsive guy. But people raised a fuss then, and people are raising a fuss now. But apparently, this struck more of a chord. My guess is because Palin is a public figure and the law school student is not. (Yes, she was testifying, but she's not running for office.)

Mary Schmidt

Ah, but that's what Rush and the rest of the toxic fringe do so well. Turn it back on "us." Those poor, misunderstood, victimized righties.
The really ironic thing is that - if you try to be a good liberal (and I do) you do your best to see others' viewpoints and to NOT go on obscenity-laced attacks. You try to be fair. You try to have a civil discourse...even when you feel like your head is going to explode. If anything, most of us tend to be too polite for our own good. (Well, maybe not me...but in general.)

Maher did get one thing right (heh) this week: “I love this generation of Republicans. Their approach to a woman’s body is the same to their approach to the economy,” Maher said. “They have no idea how it works, but they’re eager to screw with it anyway.”

...and let "us" pay the consequences.

Yvonne DiVita

Oh but, Mary, didn't you know that by doing what he did, Rush Limbaugh actually lowered himself to "their" level - according to his 'apology' this morning, as shown on CNN. I guess 'their' refers to you and me but... when was the last time you referred to Rush as... a ... I don't know, the mind struggles to come up with words that relate to "slut" and "prostitute" - and, even if I could find them, they wouldn't work because... name calling isn't what it's about. At least, not to me... I would rather cite facts and offer opinion that isn't outrageously insulting.

BTW, speaking of those little blue pills that are covered by insurance... say, why isn't Limbaugh asking the MEN to post videos online so he can watch? I mean, what's the difference? Oh wait, I remember... the little blue pills are for MAKING babies, not preventing them. And, if they help some of the men who want to have sex with every woman they meet be happy, it's okay.

It's even okay if the woman gets pregnant, since that's what it's all about. It's then okay to insist the woman deliver the baby, but it's not okay to insist that the man be required to help raise the baby. Gad, just for one little minute of pleasure...he should be held responsible for 18 years? That's women's work!

Now you did it - you got me on rant.

And never mind Palin - she's Rush Limbaugh in a dress - she doesn't deserve sexual insults any more than the next person, but she stands right there next to the fat guy (that's a statement of fact, it's not an insult)spewing misogynist baloney over and over. And then, scrambling to explain herself or himself... by throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I'll shut up now.

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