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I Used To Be Cute (and - alas - clueless)

Now what
By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt Marketing Troubleshooter

Last Friday was my - ahem - 54th b'day...and as luck would have it, Yvonne chose that day, in her Friday musings, to talk about the aging face in the mirror.  Like me, she loves her life...and yet...where did the time go? What was I doing all those years?  Sometimes I feel I wasted a lot of time. But then again...

When all is said and done...I had to put in the time to get where I am today. I was growing up. Becoming. Learning. Making incredibly stupid mistakes. Falling wildly in love with wildly inappropriate men.  Married (and divorced) my best friend. Charged up the corporate ladder, only to find I didn't want to sell my soul for the next rung. Moved around. Traveled. Made a million or two (on paper. Good thing I didn't spend it.) Bought a couple of houses.  And so on and so forth. You know, the stuff of life that we all do.  And, if we're lucky we learn from those stupid mistakes, appreciate the memories of the wild times, and discover what really makes us happy.

So, here I am. Over 50 and - most days - totally fine with that.  Sure, I used to be cute(r), but I was also clueless. I was so busy living I didn't appreciate life.   As Yvonne noted in her post, the moment is really all we have...this one right here. Now WHAT? :)

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