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May 14, 2012


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Well in my opinion original beauty is without makeup n that is natural though body structure matters a bit. It is just an assumption (strong enough to be known as fact) that makeup cover ugly looks, well! I don’t believe someone is ugly by birth as original beauty is the beauty of heart, one with good nature just as you are looking. Well behavior with maintained figure (neither fat nor slim) is enough is to look good.

Mary Schmidt

Thanks, Carol! I'd submit that we all look great without makeup, because it's us. We're just conditioned to think women have to be
"made-up." We are (ever so slowly) making progress though, aren't we? Now, I've got to go hit the cold cream jar again. (Living in the desert is killer.) :)

Carol Bryant

You look great without makeup. I admit I've learned to put my eye makeup on in 5 minutes for quick trips to the store... I think the neighbors might wonder why I am taking the dog out at 8 am with sunglasses on but I don't look nearly as great as Mary!!! It just makes me feel better is what I figured out why I do it.. a little hug to my skin so to speak ;) Great article! ;)

Mary Schmidt

I too "gussy up" or - as I sometimes call it, "impersonate a grown-up" However, what used to take an hour (in addition to the shower and hair) now takes about 15 minutes, including the shower and hair. And, like you, I don't look that much different. (Hey! clean clothes, what a concept. :)

Yvonne DiVita

Love your smile, Mary. I so agree - I am not eager to keep putting on weight, which would happen if I kept eating as I've always done, and not exercised a bit. But, I do not feel the need to gussy up, as my mother would say, just because I'm going to the store. I clean myself up, wear clean clothes, and might put on some eyemakeup and lipstick, love my lipstick. I just don't spend the time I used to because... I kinda think I look the same, with or without. Hmmm......

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