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May 23, 2012


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Hi Donna,
surely it is beautiful I have never been to France yet but would love to visit this place.

Donna DeClemente

Hi Sara,
You guessed correctly. Isn't it beautiful? Check out today's photo.


Really facebook and other social media sites play big role in promotion; the way they are promoting is unique and beneficial. Picture is of the Royal Chateau de Chambord France.

Donna DeClemente

Thanks Ella for pointing out these other benefits of the promotion. It is going well and we're getting more and entries and likes a day, plus there are many repeat users. Glad you like it.

Ella McDaniel

The best part of this promotion is the repetition intrinsic in a daily interaction with the page. The constant reinforcement of Rail Europe as important will bring customers back when they're actually travelling. The newsfeed structure encourages a constant reminder of companies, but this incentivizes it!

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