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May 25, 2012


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Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101.com)

As a life coach I deal with this issue often. You've already solved the first part by identifying what and why you procrastinate. Here are few tips:if procrastinating at the beginning a specific task, chunk it into bite-size task, focus on the details and use deadlines with rewards.
To complete a task, you don't enjoy, focus on the details, step by step. Identify all the benefits of completed the task. Imagine the end goal.
i.e your airport aversion,reframe with intention. I love traveling because it will X Y or Z. I always meet the most interesting people in line, my seatmate could be a great business connection and so on!

caren gittleman

can't help with suggestions because I HATE traveling. If it weren't for wanting to go to BlogPaws I wouldn't get on a plane. I do it as little as I have to.
I hate sleeping in a strange bed, hate leaving my babies at home, I hate flying!
Other than that, it's all good lol

Average Jane

I'm a pretty bad procrastinator and I'm always mad at myself when it turns out that something that I've been putting off only takes a fraction of the time I thought it would.

That said, I've also taken a good look at the things I just simply don't want to make time for (house cleaning, lawn mowing) and arranged for other people to do them.

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